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HASC Tutorial 2014

@ Tokyo

  • Samle Project: under construction

  • HASC Tutorial Document: under construction

@ Toyama

  • Samle Project (2013.05.14 ver.):[zip 16Mbyte]

  • HASC Tutorial Part1: under construction
  • HASC Tutorial Part2: under construction
  • HASC Tutorial Part3: under construction
  • HASC Tutorial Part4: under construction

HASC Reference

  • Kawaguchi, N., Ogawa, N., Iwasaki, Y., Kaji, K., Terada, T., Murao, K., Inoue, S., Kawahara, Y., Sumi, Y. and Nishio, N.:HASC Challenge: Gathering Large Scale Human Activity Corpus for the Real-World Activity Understandings. Proc of ACM AH 2011, pp.27:1-27:5, 2011.
  • Ogawa, N., Kaji, K. and Kawaguchi, N.:Effects of Number of Subjects on Activity Recognition - Findings from HASC2010corpus. Proc of 1st International Workshop on Frontiers in Activity Recognition using Pervasive Sensing (IWFAR2011), pp.48-51, 2011.

HASC Challenge 2010

HASC Tutorial 2010

  • Activity Recognition International research trend(1)(The University of Tokyo Yoshihiro Kawahara) accesses here
  • Activity Recognition International research trend(2)(The University of Kobe Tsutomu Terada) accesses here
  • Tutorial・Demonstration about Activity Recognition(The University of Kobe Kazuya Murao) accesses here
  • Activity Recognition by HASC Tool(The University of Nagoya Nobuhiro Ogawa) accesses here
  • Composition of HASC Tool and How to development(The University of Nagoya Youhei Iwasaki) accesses here
  • Summary・Invitation to HASC Challenge 2010(The University of Nagoya Nobuo Kawaguchi) accesses here
  • VIDEO Streaming accesses here
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