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About HASC Challenge 2012

  • In HASC Challenge2012(HC2012), various sensors are targeted.(Please contain the accelerometer.)
    • The number of terminal position : only One place
    • Type of terminal : User's arbitrariness
    • Measurement environment : User's arbitrariness
    • You have to register some information about your activity data such as terminal type, terminal position and sampling rate in the meta-file beforehand. Please refer to DataFormat.
  • The participant collects data by each one , and submit these information.
  • The participant should participate in Challenge that the sponsor side proposed. Please refer to Challenge Guidelines.
  • Tag (meta-data, label-data), data format and evaluation result's data format are united. Please refer to Data Format.
  • The participant receives data for the evaluation , and submits the evaluation result. Or, the participant submits the algorithm, and we evaluates it by the sponsor side.
  • The evaluation script is prepared by the sponsor side.


HASC Challenge is not contest.

The purpose of HASC Challenge is data collection and data sharing. Of course, we evaluate your proposed algorithm. We think all participant's contribution to HASC is important.

Data Sharing

The data collected by HASC Challenge is assumed to be the shared data that everyone can use for a fee. Of course, the participant can use it free of charge.

Making of algorithm public

The participant should explain their algorithm for recognition. The source code need not be opened to the public.

HASC Tutorial

We schedule the tutorial for the beginner of activity recognition.

Activity Data Processing Tool

We developed our activity data processing tool "HASC Tool". About HASC Tool, please refer to following page.HascTool

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