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What's HASC Logger ?

HASC Logger is tool which collects activity data by iPhone or iPod touch. This tool is supported by HASC. By using this tool and HASC Tool, you can collect your activity data in real time. Your collection activity data is saved in this tool, and you can also upload your activity data later. You can get this tool at iTunes Store. There is HASC Logger "Andorid version", too.

Utilization Procedure

How to Access HASC Logger Settings

 Please open settings in home page. After that, please click HASC Logger tab in settings. The following image show you how to access HASC Logger settings.

iPhone,iPod touch ホーム画面 設定アプリケーション画面

iPhone,iPod touch Home → Settings → HASC Logger Settings

About HASC Logger Settings

 In this page, you can setup following elements.

  • Measurement data (Location, Magnetic, Acceleration, Gyro)
  • Sampling rate (Acceleration, Gyro)
  • The time of measurement
  • IP:Port (Send logs as UDP Packet)
  • ServerURL (Upload Logs to HASC Tool)

HASC Logger設定画面1 HASC Logger設定画面2

HASC Logger Settings Page

About Each Element

  • Location: 3 axis location information
  • Heading (Magnetic): 3 axis magnetic information
  • Acceleration: 3 axis acceleration information
  • Acceleration S.Rate(Hz): Sampling rate (acceleration)
  • Gyro: 3 axis gyro information
  • Gyro S.Rate(Hz): Sampling rate (gyro)
  • Logging Duration(sec): Measurement time from start to stop
    If you input 0 as value, HASC Logger continues measurement until you push stop button.
  • Send to Network: real time transmission of sensor data
  • IP:Port: PC IP Address:port number
     ex)If PC address is "", and Port number is "6666":
  • Server URL:http://PC IP Address:port number/
     ex)If PC address is "", and Port number is "80":

How to measure your activity data

Index Page

HASC Logger起動画面

When you launch HASC Logger, you can see above screen. You can move to following pages from this page.

  • Log List : In this page, You can see your log list.
  • New Log : In this page, You can measure a new log data.

Log List

Log List

In this page, You can see your log list. The name of each log file depends on the time of creating log file.
The format of log file name: "year" "month" "day" - "hour" "minute" "second"
To see settings page of data measurement, please select a log file.

Settings Page of Data Measurement


In this page, you can start data measurement, setup meta information, upload/delete log data, see log data/accelerometer data/gyro data.

  • Start Sensing After Delay: Measurement of activity data starts, 5 seconds after you push this button.
  • Start Sensing Immediately: Measurement of activity data starts, after you push this button.
  • Metadata: Move to a settings page of meta information
  • Upload: Upload a log data to HASC Tool
  • Delete: Delete a log data
  • Raw: See a log data
  • Acc: See an accelerometer data
  • Gyro: See a gyro data

Settings Page of Meta Information

In this page, you can add comment and tag to a log data. You can write your comment in a comment area. You can select a tag in the list. You can also write a new tag. If you write meta data, each meta information should be split by comma ",".


Measurement Activity

 To start measurement of activity, please push start sensing button. On measurement of activity data, you can see real time sensor information. To terminate measurement of activity, please push Stop Sensing button. If you setup the time of measurement activity at Logging Duration on HASC Logger settings page, measurement is terminated automatically after your setting time.


View Log Data Page

In this page, you can see log data. Each log data refer to following format.

Day Time Measurement
Time (sec),Sensor information 1, Sensor information 2, Sensor information 3, ...


Upload Log Data

If you push Upload button, you can see the confirmation window. On uploading, HASC Logger submit log data, meta information and terminal ID. Before uploading log data, please setup HASC Logger and HASC Logger Server.


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