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Q. May I use any kind of acceleration sensor ?
A If your sensor is commercially available, you could use it.
Q. The location of acceleration sensor ?
A. Please refer to following page. Data Format
Q. When acceleration sensor is fixed, can I select sensors angle ?
A. Before measurement, please select sensor's axis that is parallel to gravitational acceleration and fix sensors axis. For more information about sensor's axis, Please refer to following page. Data Format
Q. What should the name of activity data file be ?
A. You can name the file freely. Please give a unique name to each file.
 ex)person01-acc.csv, person01.meta, person01.label
   walk-acc.csv, walk-gyro.csv, walk.meta
For more information about file name, please refer to following page. Data Format
Q. May I apply to HASC challenge as group ?
A. Yes. You can apply to HASC challenge as group or individual.
Q. May I originally define my element of meta data?
A. There is no problem. We would like to apply your defined element.
Q. Sequence data is necessary to measure through 120 seconds. However, it is 30 seconds when each action is measured by 5 seconds. What should I do?
A. The sequence data is data for evaluation. And each activity need not be tightly measurement by 5 seconds. It is OK, even if it takes by 10 seconds, 20 seconds or more and twice or more times. And all activity should be included in one sequence data.

Other Questions

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